What I do

Desktop, Server and application support
Do you need someone to offer telephone, face to face or remote support from a Highly Skilled and certified network and systems engineer
Do you need someone who can tell you if it is cheaper to repair or replace something? Offer a creative, innovative and effective solution to an ongoing problem?
Preventative maintenance and network audits
Including software, hardware and network upgrades, data back-up and recovery, virus protection and removal.
Hard drive, network, Desktop, Software installation.

Why Use Me

  • Project on time
    I want to work myself out of a job by setting up low maintenance computer networks and systems. I set up all systems to be as time and cost efficient for businesses as possible - whether you are a small or large business or a not-for-profit organisation I want to save you money. I deliver solutions in a cost effective and timely manner ensuring you obtain the best benefit from your investment by using the latest technology and software.
  • Clear communication
    I explain everything – in English. So that everyone can understand what is happening and why. I am  there to support you on your journey from the initial conversation to delivery, implementation and beyond.
  • Innovative
    I am innovative and can deliver bespoke solutions to fit your requirements -  adapt the best of breed solutions from my vast experience in big business using leading product companies for your needs.
  • Flexible pricing
    I offer ongoing agreements as well as hourly rates depending on the type of work you want done – this way it is cheaper for you in an ongoing way.
  • Free review
    I offer an initial Technology Review of your organisation so that you can have a better understanding of what you have now and where you can go.

My Process


We sit together to understand
what your needs are.


I present a number of innovative solutions
that are discussed, in plain English,so that
you can fully understand and make an informed choice.


The best solution is implemented in a quick,
effective and efficient way.


You get the chance to test the solution,
does it fit your requirements?
does it do all that it needs to do?
Any issues are identified and resolved.


We do not leave you once you launch.
You are now on a journey and need to ensure you have
support available to help you maintain best practice
for your processes and systems to achieve your goals.

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.

Elbert Hubbard

About Me

A little bit more about me
Kristian Taylor
Australian Computer Society - Certified Professional

Hi, my name is Kristian Taylor and I am a highly experienced IT professional with 15 years experience in infrastructure, applications and system software capabilities across a wide range of sectors. I am a certified Senior Member of the Australian Computer Society. I am a designer and innovator with a purpose for the achievement of “perfection through simple, honest innovation and practical design.”

I see the potential in all things and believe that there is always a way to do it. With a natural curiosity for progress, innovation, design and building to achieve practicality and efficiency in systems that make life simpler and easier.

For me technology is all about making my life easier or simpler, there is nothing more frustrating than technology getting in the way of your job or your passion. Getting up to do a presentation and spending the first 10 minutes trying to get the projector working, or your computer crashing and losing all your email and files! With all the amazing technology around these days this can be achieved, and I’d love to show you how.

Data and protection

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